All questions at a glance.

  • • The Verifyt App creates a model of your feet based on the pictures.
    • Important: Prepare an IMOTANA Account before the scan.
    • You can find a step-by-step guide here: https://imotana.com/blogs/news/scan-your-feet
  • • All standard smartphones work. Since your smartphone needs a certain amount of performance capacity we suggest using an efficient device.
    • You can find a list with devices that will work in your Verifyt App. If your smartphone is not working just use the smartphone of a friend (log into your account on that device) or visit us at our flagship store in Würzburg.
  • • If you’re not sure perform the scan a second time and compare the results. In case of a great variation there might have been a problem with the processing of your pictures.
    • Many factors can lead to inaccurate data (e.g.lighting conditions, background, fogging of camera lense etc.). Please check your results on accuracy (you can compare it to your regular measurements).
  • • Our system generates your “perfect fit“ based on 8 measurement points on your feet.
    • The algorithm improves with every scan. We‘ve already performed more than 10.000 scans which means our system works very well. We compared the Verifyt scans to orthopedic foot scans. Over 99% agreement with the results were obtained.
  • • Verifyt is an independent application. By scanning the QR-Code your datas connect with our system. As soon as you used the QR-Code (after completing the scan) we can see your measurements and start producing your shoe.
  • We can produce boots shoes for foot length between 242 and 297 mm. Which is equivalent to a size from 28 2/3 to 46 2/3. We might be able to help when your foot length is slightly out of reach. Please contact our customer service.

    • It’s not a problem when your feet are different size. We can produce different sized shoes for your needs.

  • • YES! You have a "Perfect-Fit-Guarantee“. If your shoes don’t fit we will produce new ones and take your feedback into account. Please consider there might be individual preferences like extra wide shoes etc.

  • • Visit our homepage and click on „complaints“.
    Link: https://imotana.com/pages/complaints
  • • You can find a DHL return label on our homepage for free. Scroll down and click on “support”.
    • Please send back your broken shoes.
  • • By an average use oft wo to three training sessions and one game per week the shoes will last at least one whole season. Further we are providing a warranty for 1 year to all Bonding issues.
    We produce in Indonesia. Indonesia belongs to the leading countries in terms of shoe production for many years. We ensure high quality producing and high safety standards for our workers.
    We use newest materials that are durable, resistant and ultra light. A combination of synthetic substance and textiles are processed to your shoe in many steps.
    The average time is 6 weeks (for your individual designed shoe). There might be delays caused by current crisis.
    • Sadly no. If you have specific problems with your feet we recommend you to look for a orthopedist.

    • You can use insoles with a maximum depth of 4mm. Please consider there is a variety of insoles. We can not guarantee your insoles fit into your shoes.
    • We sell two versions which differ only in lacing. Both versions have an enclosed design. Wearing them feels like wearing socks.
    • Decide yourself! There are arguments for both sides.
    • The acronym of IMOTANA is anatomy (Anatomie in german our native language). We want to create a brand that fulfill the anatomic needs of any human.
    • We only produce when bought to avoid overproduction. And with our concept there is a pretty small return ratio.

    • 50% of our materials are recycled.